The ultimate goal of this initiative is to improve the quality of life of people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) throughout the world.

We want to contribute to this end by establishing an active global network of consumer groups and national/regional organisations of people living with SCI. Within this global network we can learn from each other by sharing information and knowledge. Our strength is that our information and knowledge is based on experience – the experience gained through living with SCI.

Together we can impact the SCI agenda worldwide. We can help each other to promote “local” initiatives that will benefit people living with SCI in a particular world region by addressing issues of special importance to them. But we can also work together to support global issues – prevention of SCI, rehabilitation and management of SCI, and research into SCI and into functional recovery.

SCI consumer workshop participants, ASCoN Conference 2011, Sri Lanka

The Global Spinal Cord Injury Consumer Network will collaborate with other stakeholders – including SCI healthcare professionals, the SCI research community and providers of healthcare and mobility aids – to improve the quality of care, life and prospects of people living with SCI.

Through the development of active national spinal injury associations, regional SCI consumer bodies and the Global SCI Consumer Network a platform will be created to bring grass roots realities of people living with spinal injury and in poverty to an international audience.