Paraforum: your network on and beyond spinal cord injury

Paraforum is the interactive platform on spinal cord injury of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. On Paraforum people with spinal cord injury, their families and organizations, researchers and health professionals can contribute and learn from each other. They can give and get information, advice and support by sharing their questions, knowledge, experience and stories. Paraforum offers different online interactive services. In the sections ‘Forum’ and in ‘My Ideas’ people with spinal cord injury and their families can, for example, discuss on topics related to spinal cord injury from a bio-psycho-social perspective. They can write about strategies of self-management, the design of the environment, assistive devices, aids and equipment for the activities of daily living.


To fully access the interactive sections of Paraforum, you need to register and create an account. Registration is an essential step to assure the quality of the information exchanged on Paraforum and to sustain its no advertising policy.

Paraforum is monitored by a team of health professionals, content-managers – including people with spinal cord injury - and technologists who interact with the community, constantly update the platform and structure its content to make it easily accessible according to the individual needs of users.

This website of the Global Spinal Cord Injury Consumer Network has no forum-section. For people who want to use a dedicated spinal cord injury forum-function we recommend using: