Our main activities and plans for now and/or the (near) future are:

  • Arrange a consumer-led session at ISCoS, September 3-5 in London and then “officially” launch the Global SCI Consumer Network.
  • Gathering contact details of organisations and key people worldwide.
  • Get key people / organisations involved in the activities of this global network.
  • Formalising community channels i.e. this website, news updates etc.
  • Linking organisations / key people in order to support and promote “local” initiatives.
  • Generate funding and other support for (the activities of) this global network.
  • Appointment of SCI “ambassadors”.
  • Organise a corps of SCI volunteers to assist SCI groups in other countries / world regions.
  • Organise global SCI consumer network meetings.
  • Formalisation of the network in a global federation or organisation.

activities plansDiscussing quality in SCI rehabilitation, ESCIF 2011 Congress